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Breeder of very good quality golden and labrador retriever puppies. Our aim from the start has been and still is to breed soundness and good temperaments into our dogs. 

Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale

About Us

Our pups and dogs are raised and kept in our home and not in a kennel. We aim to breed healthy happy and well socialized puppies raised in a loving family environment. We raise our puppies differently to many making our puppies easy to train and allows their transition to their new home easier.

We have been successful Golden and Labrador Retriver breeders for 15+ years. We breed solely for quality.
I am in the military and my soul mate have been a registered nurse for 22 years. She has worked with maternal child health primarily labor and delivery. Pregnancy and birth have been her life and passion and she has been using those skills and knowledge to breed and deliver the healthiest Retriver  puppies possible. They are just a little furrier than what I’m used to! That’s what she always says to me.

why choose a Retriever

They Love Us No Matter What

Golden and Labrador retrievers seem to have an almost infinite capacity for love.

There’s no doubt that your dog loves you, as they show it in everything they do, from greeting you at the door to sitting at your feet to cheering you up when you feel sad.

But, goldens don’t just show love for their own families, they’re happy to share out the love to anyone and everyone they meet.

Need help in choosing the right puppy?

We strive to pair qualified and interested ready families with their perfect Retriever soul mates. By owning and caring for our own babies we know the connection and joy that welsh terrier gives to their new parents.
The golden retriever puppy lives to please and love their owners by just being happy energetic naturally funny selves. Each of our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee against any life-threatening illness. Producing healthy and sound golden and labrador retriever puppies for sale is our House’s main priority. Our main goal is to make sure our babies will be taken good care of by their new parents so we also do back ground checks to ensure that they will always be kept in a safe environment. 

what our happy clients say about us

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Hello Austin and Brenda here we are again, Our puppy Louie is doing just fine. He fits in just perfect into our new apartment since we moved in last week. He and Meeko our previous dogs just love each other. We are so happy to have him with us. Thank you for sending to us such a wonderful puppy! Here are some cute pictures of him and please feel free to include us on your pages. You may also include our email for anyone who wanna talk to us.

Mariana Dias Gomes
Washington, DC 20024
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Hi Brenda,
Please post this pictures and my email and contact number on your website for anyone who want to contact us, we are available 8 hours a day. This is her outfit, She is a sweetie and growing into her body nicely. You guys are a wonderful family and we will come to you any time.

Joseph N. Diederich
Calgary, AB T2N 2A7
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Hello Brenda, Thought I’d send you a quick picture of Mario and tell you how we love this dog, my husband and I are more in love because of Mario. I take him to classes and he is so smart! I will send you pictures of our self’s next month when we shall have a family come together.

Melissa S. Brown
Anchorage, AK 99501
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Thank you again Brenda – Cannon is a fine example of your expertise. Everyone at Protection Dog Sales truly the best of the best – and a blessing to our family. Let me just say that we are customers for LIFE with y’all….. I will NEVER own another “child” that y’all didn’t train – it’s that simple.
Shannon, Dan and Cannon

Diana C. Thompson
Fargo, ND 58103 d
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Austin or Brenda You guys are wonderful don’t know how much joy you have added to my life. I love him so much! He is just wonderful and makes me so happy. Here is one of his pictures. The day before he was scheduled to sit for his holiday pictures, he rubbed all the hair off his face trying to retrieve a candy bar from underneath the cabinet. When we picked him up from the airport, we were so glad because they did great work in coordinating his travel, we couldn’t believe he came safely. with our permission you may add our contact number on your website as reference.

Tony D. Cote
Miami, FL 33165


Owning a dog is a big responsibility, and is not something that should be taken as lightly as one would when it comes to buying an appliance or a toy. Golden retrievers are very loyal, loving, and fun to be around, but they have specific needs and quirks that you need to consider before buying one.


If you live in a small shack with narrow spaces and lots of tight corners to bump into, you may want to think twice because goldens are medium to large-sized dogs that can have as much as 24 inches at the shoulder and could grow as heavy as 75 pounds. They have very active tails that can easily sweep cups or vases off tables when excited. You will have to ensure that your house is uncluttered if you want a golden in your life.


These dogs were originally bred for hunting and sports, so they tend to have a lot of stamina and will require at least 20 to 30 minutes of consistent exercise daily. If you don’t plan on playing with your dog or at least taking him for brisk walks daily, you may have difficulties with owning a golden (or you could end up with an unhappy dog.)


Golden Retrievers are a very sociable breed and can develop a strong attachment to their owners. They are susceptible to depression and separation anxiety if left alone all day, so make sure you are able to make yourself (or a family member) present for her at least every 5 hours.


Goldens are excessively playful, and they have been bred to carry things with their mouth. This results in a breed that will chew on just about anything that they can clamp their mouths to – shoes being the most common. So if you are planning to own a Golden, you have to keep your shoes, telephones, game consoles, pillows, toys out of reach. There are training classes that can help minimize the behavior, but the key word here being “minimize,” not “get rid of.” You can’t deny a dog its natural instinct. Alternatively, you can buy your dog a chew toy or a bully stick, but be ready because they’ll go through the stuff real fast.


Experts at the University of California have conducted research that point to neutering having negative effects on the health of a Golden Retriever. Some of the likely complications include increased risk of getting joint disorders and cancer. So if you want a golden and want to prevent it from breeding, you have to consider alternative methods such as tubal ligation or vasectomy.


As with most large breeds, there are specific health concerns that you need to be wary of. They are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as eye disorders. So make sure to be ready for regular visits to the vet in order to keep your golden’s health in tip-top shape.


Don’t be fooled by the large size. Goldens are too nice to be guard dogs. They may growl and bark protectively, but an intruder has a chance of pacifying them because they are just that nice.