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We have AKC Registered Golden and Labrador Puppies Available For Sale. All puppies come vaccinated, micro chipped, de wormed, with registration papers and a health guarantee certificate.

The Retrievers Bliss Family,

We are offering the best quality Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers Puppies you can find anywhere else. As Breeders with 20 years of breeding experience, our philosophy or role is to make sure all our Puppies are loved and spoiled from the get go.


We strongly believe that a happy animal will give a family a happy experience too. Go ahead and get in touch with us for more info as they say “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

About Golden Retrievers:

Golden retrievers love to play. They also love to play fetch, are natural swimmers, and will attempt to catch waterfowl if given the chance. Their puppy-like energy is maintained throughout adulthood, and they’re fairly easy to train. Goldens make a wonderful family pet and are fiercely loyal to their humans.

Golden Retriever puppies for sale

About Labrador retriever

Though naturally friendly, Labrador retriever puppies benefit from socialization classes and obedience training early. Interacting with other dogs early will help them understand boundaries. As they’re born to hunt, training them on retrieval games and swimming practice is a good way of expending excess energy.

Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale

Golden Retriever vs Labrador

Golden Retriever vs Labrador? Labrador vs Golden Retriever? It’s A Conundrum!

How Do You Choose Between These Similarly Wonderful Dog Breeds?

You’re thinking about getting a new dog and have narrowed down the choice to the Golden Retriever or Labrador.

Congratulations, that’s a pretty great dilemma!

Golden and Labrador Puppies For sale

Golden Retriever vs Lab size

Generally, the Lab is a slightly larger dog than the Golden.
Male Labs can weigh between 65 and 80 pounds, while females should be between 55 to 70 pounds.
Males Golden Retriever weigh between 65 and 75 pounds; females are 55 to 65 pounds.

Golden Retriever vs Labrador shedding

As we’ve seen in the grooming section, both Labs and Goldens have double coats consisting of a top coat and an undercoat.

The undercoat will shed in warmer weather in both breeds, but does one dog shed more than the other? 

Golden Retriever owners will be the first to tell you that Goldens can shed quite a bit all year round. While Labradors do have shorter hair than Goldens, don’t believe anyone who says Labs don’t shed. Labs shed as much as, if not more than, the average dog. But the Golden Retriever Sheds the most

Difference between Labrador and Golden Retriever temperament

The words commonly used to describe the temperaments of both Goldens and Labs are the words we use to describe very good dogs!

Both breeds are friendly, reliable, affectionate, gentle, trusting, and kind.

But many potential owners wonder about the differences between Lab and Golden Retriever personalities.

Golden Retriever vs Labrador Genetic Diseases

Goldens can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as eye and heart problems.

Labs also can be prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and a condition known as “exercise induced collapse.”

Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever

Both Labradors and Goldens rank high on most people’s lists of the ideal dog to add to their family.

It’s no accident that the Lab has been the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for the past 26 years, and the Golden is not far behind.

If you are looking for an energetic, intelligent, and outgoing dog to keep up with your active lifestyle, particularly if you have children, the Lab might be the perfect dog for you.

You will have to watch their weight, and make sure that you get your puppy from fully health tested parents(And We pride ourself with all our parents Being very healthy and well cared for).

If a loving, kind, and gentle dog is more your speed, be sure to consider the Golden.

Golden Retrievers also need fully health tested parents, but there is the added risk of cancer in Golden Retrievers to consider.

This is something you can’t avoid through health testing, but might be helped by choosing puppies with older parents and no family history of cancer.

The Retrievers Bliss Family enhances your experience of bringing a cute pet home. We ensure buying a puppy for your home is always a fuss-free process. We understand what an ideal pet personality means to you. That’s why we make sure all your needs are met easily when you are using our website.

You can contact us at any time to get the best value in exchange for investing in a Retriever puppy. Besides, we have personalized offers for you to choose from.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a Great Dane.”
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We adopted our puppy. Although I was skeptical, everything turned out perfect! We love our puppy so much! Couldn't be happier

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Teresa F.

We purchased our male Goldie name Spider. The adoption process was nothing short of amazing. Such a kind, loving, knowledgeable staff. obviously love what they do and it shows. Our spider is super smart, loving, easily trained and just fit right in with our family. I may be biased, but the golden retriever breed is one of a kind! Best breed out there, they aim to please. 🙂

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Veela J

My experience with Retriever Bliss was excellent. Everyone I worked with was responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and professional. It's not easy to make as important a decision as adding a puppy to the family online, but the Retriever Bliss team helped me feel confident and secure. Just as important, our pup came with a list of all her shots and heartworm treatments, micro-chipped and care instructions. She also had a little bag of food, a blanket, toys, a collar and a leash. The puppy herself, an 8 week old cockapoo, is absolutely charming. We can tell right away that she was well cared for and socialized. She's healthy, friendly, perky and so smart. We've only had her for 3 days but she's already a member of the family. Thank you, Retriever Bliss. I would recommend you to anyone.

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Wallace F

Retriever Bliss was terrific in helping us through the process and to make sure our puppy arrived safe and sound!

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Lilian V